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About Us

The name of our company describes the core values that shape our work: Our commitment to the location in the Hanseatic city of Bremen and our passion for natural remedies  (Naturheilmittel).

The German word „Hanse“ (Latin: Hansa) has a long tradition and stands for the entourage in the historical sense. It is the name for a confederation of cities that was formed by the union of merchants to promote their trade abroad. Even today, the city of Bremen is still referred to as a Hanseatic city. This traditional meaning is more relevant to us than ever, as we are a world-open company that cultivates and develops cooperation with partners all over the world.

We carry our passion for natural remedies out into the world and empower people to live a happy and healthy life. We take responsibility for our German brand quality and offer safe products in tested highest quality. We are fascinated every day by the interaction between effective, natural raw materials and the latest scientific research. 

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We LOVE to empower people to live a happy and healthy life.

From Vision to Mission

Our reason to exist

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Our vision at Hansa Naturheilmittel is to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone, helping people live better, healthier lives.

We are experts in building trustworthy partnerships and distributing our high-quality products, developed and tested in Germany, to customers around the globe.

We are dedicated in particular to our core values, which are based on honesty, reliability and responsibility, in order to create a sustainable business.

We see the world as one big international community and bring a high level of basic intercultural understanding. We value fair and respectful relationships with each other and are convinced that excellent quality and sustainable business will always prevail in the long term.

Hansa Naturheilmittel – we always care for a healthy business.

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Our Core Values

Honesty and Reliability
Responsability and Sustainability
Experts and German Quality

Basic values of our actions

Our Values to exist

We stand for the following basic values, which define the way we work with our employees, business partners and customers:


We maintain a constructive dialogue and seek to understand different points of view.


We value long-lasting values such as honesty, reliability and a sense of responsibility.


We cultivate fair and respectful relationships with each other.


We are committed to the sustainable development and protection of jobs.


We are against unfair competition


We act in a solution-oriented way and keep our spoken word.

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Hansa Naturheilmittel GmbH

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